Digital Banking Security

Safeguard your finances with Cendera Bank’s robust fraud prevention. Our fraud prevention tools are designed to detect and prevent unauthorized transactions, protecting your valuable assets.

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Knowledge is Key When Detecting and Dealing with Fraud

How to Protect Against Fraud

Be sure to secure your accounts with strong passwords, regularly monitor transactions, and be cautious of fraudulent emails or phone calls. If ever you are unsure, call your local branch and discuss the situation with your banker.

How to Spot Fraud

Fraud can victimize anyone. Fraud takes place when a fraudster gains access to your financial accounts or uses schemes to attempt to lure information out of you. If you suspect that someone has gained access, or that a suspected fraudster is trying to gain your financial information, please contact your local branch immediately. 

How to Report Fraud

If your financial accounts have been accessed without your permission, please call your local branch immediately. 

Suspicious Activity and Lost Debit Card

If you have lost your debit card or suspect that it has been stolen, please contact your local branch and cancel your card immediately. Utilize our Card Hub or call 24/7 at (800) 472-3272.


Here to Help

Our Team is knowledgeable and thoroughly trained to deal with fraudulent incidents and guide our customers with resolutions that give you peace of mind. We are here to protect you. Please contact your local branch for questions or concerns.

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